Had to reset sensor station

Submitted a ticket:

"Yesterday at 16:00 I got a message that ST-00015373 station
https://tempestwx.com/settings/station/22218 was offline after 9 days of perfect operation. There was also a message about the lightning sensor failure. I reset the home router and hub and it would not reconnect. I also tried clearing data. Today, I got on the roof and took down the station to reset it. I turned it off and on, then held the clear button. It was solid green, then purple, then off. After a couple of minutes I got a message/email that it was back on line. I never saw a continuous solid green on the station.
The hub always went to solid green quickly.

There was lightning in the area but no strikes close to my house. Weather was nice at the time of failure with just a very brief rain.

This is just a documentation email about a failure. It seems to be working well now. "