Lightning Sensor Shows Failed

I went into settings, stations, status and I am seeing Lightning Failed in the Sensor Status field for my two day old Tempest station. Not sure what this means. Is the sensor defective? No lightning has ever been detected yet (the station is only two days old)?

That is odd. Can you post your Station ID so we can take a look? Something you can try is to reboot the Tempest device. With the switch on the bottom, power it off for a moment. Another thing you can do is press and hold the LED on the bottom of the Tempest until it blinks rapidly then go into the app and do a Replace Device. The Tempest should recognize that it was paired with your hub and start working again. If the lightning sensor still shows up as failed it may be time to open a support ticket using the link on the top line above.

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I took liberty to reboot your Tempest but it shows again a failed lightning sensor

Not much we can do here, please open a support ticket (see menu top right this forum) and do mention your station ID (helps to reply quicker)
Sorry but happens … they will help you out for sure.

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