Help educate me on providing data and integration

I have a new Tempest weather station and am enjoying the local data and sharing the public URL with my family. I was setting up my Rachio 3 last night and noticed I couldn’t find my weather station as a source for it to use. There are a couple nearby that appear to be at people’s houses but are “official” in that they start with “KTX”. It led me down the rabbit hole. So my questions are…

-Can my Tempest data be used or beneficial to anyone else such as NOAA or others?
-Does it need to somehow be registered to receive a call sign?
-How can I get my Rachio to use it?

I have a pretty robust home network with servers so I don’t mind hosting things, this is just a new endeavor for me.


Tempest is already feeding your data to external sources such as NOAA, so providing the info yourself doesn’t help with anything, you’re just duplicating data. Though, there is no harm in linking to any third party integration.

You can link Ranchio using this guide Connect Tempest Personal Weather System to Rachio Controller

If you’re interested in hosting things, the Tempest API is open and pretty robust, you can host about anything you can think of on your own servers with some tinkering. There are a lot of posts with some ideas in the Developers section of this community.