How does Sky / Tempest handle hail?

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Valid until: Apr 16, 2020

I live in Oklahoma, aka Tornado Alley, hence we get more than our fair share of strong thunderstorms dropping all sizes of hail stones. Our whole neighborhood replaced our roofs last year - a couple more replaced this past week. My question is how does the Sky / Tempest units hold up physically to a pounding by hail? I would appreciate any information you could give me. THANKS!..

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Depends on the size of the hail!
The solar power accessory (for SKY) does increase the footprint and makes for an easy target and can be more vulnerable to damage compared to the top of the SKY/Tempest unit. The Tempest has a smaller footprint with integrated solar panels so it’s less likely to get hit. Several lucky hits from large hail stones could definitely cause damage to the casing like it did to your roof.


I have donated to the Tempest development program and looking forward to the shipping date for me! Will we be able to get our Tempest unit repaired should it get damaged by hail?

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Absolutely, we’ll always take care of you @Santa_John.
Thanks for backing the Tempest campaign!

I took mine into a couple tornadic thunderstorms yesterday in Oklahoma. Driving 50MPH on the freeway with penny to nickel size hail and it held up without problems.