How many of us out there

I guess this would not be a prohibited question but I was just curious on what the number of us proud owners are out there after everybody has installed all the units that were sourced in the funding drive? Gary do you think your going to break 2000 stations on your map?

This is just one of the only things that I have gotten in on the ground floor and just kinda neat to know some of the facts / history


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I think it has already passed 2000. There are a lot of private stations and that number is not public information.

However, I do think the number of public stations will soon exceed 2000.


Whats the link to see all the weather dc low stations

This what your looking for ?

The Map hit 2000 stations today.


I saw it made a big jump yesterday and today those guys from Europe must of finally got their batteries. Glad we got Sams around me I bought the 18 pack for around 20 bucks.