Hub signal strength vs battery voltage

I’ve tried putting my hub in various places to improve signal strength (Tempest to hub communication) but I can’t get it better than -80. Right now it’s line of sight, 100’ through a single pane of glass, window.

Right now it’s at 2.35v so it’s in Mode 3 sampling every 5 minutes.

Here’s my question- does this lower power load also reduce the Tempests broadcast signal strength?

My Tempest has been trying for a few days to charge, but with not much luck. It’s been overcast for a week.

Right now I’m running at

I would hope that low battery voltage wouldn’t reduce the signal too much. I just took a look at your station and I would have thought with the solar radiation you have had today it would charge. One of the early field test units I have is charging with only about 200W/m^2 right now. You had over 600W/m^2 when I looked just now.

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Wow. I’ve been over 200 w/m^2 all day. :frowning: with no real charging.

I also had the issue that sometimes pops up where the Tempest just randomly drops offline. I had to reset to get it back. I wonder if there’s a bug hiding somewhere that impacts battery charging and/or the radio link.

Your Tempest isn’t charging normally at all, or the other way round, it is discharging to heavily even in mode 3

Open a ticket with support, they will help you out once they get to your ticket.
Sorry this is happening.

This morning it dropped offline. I emailed support so I guess we’ll see what’s what.

My Tempest has also had a dropping voltage too since new and eventually goes offline right before morning. By 3PM the battery gets charged enough that it goes online again.
I opened a ticket with support but I suspect there is an issue with staying connected to the hub when the voltage drops low enough. I’m in Florida so there is more than plenty of sun to keep it charged. My Tempest never sees a shadow either.

Welp… after 36ish hour offline I dug out the ladder today. It sat, offline, in the bright sun for a few hours.

I powered cycled the Tempest and it immediately connected. It’s been up for 30 minutes now.

Interestingly, while it was offline it seemed to gain no voltage to the batteries.