Hub without power for several minutes status is still "online"

After unplugging the Hub, the app showed its status as “online” even more then 5 min after unplugging.
Even no push alert was send.

This is not a bug. It waits approximately 2 hours before setting it offline.

2h is too much, hence the memory of the Sky last not as long

You are talking about the Hub, not the Sky.

What Henning means is that the Sky doesn’t has enough memory to keep 2 hours of data (sky can buffer 1.5 hours from memory)


A station will be flagged “offline” after 60 minutes of non-reporting. We should probably make it shorter, I agree! But how short? 10 minutes? 20?


Any chance it could be a parameter set in the app? I think 15min would be fine for me but I’m trying to think of situations where someone might have an internet which goes down frequently but comes back online after a while. They may not want notices sooner than what they get now.


Given that some of the devices only store 2 hours (approx) of data then the hub should advise offline after 20 minutes.
This allows other systems to come back up if possible and also gives the uses a fighting chance of understanding what the likely reason was ( nearer the incident). This would also allow minimization of data loss.

There are likely three different situations I think. One is that the power went down, and the other is when the internet is down and the third is when the air or the sky is unreachable from the hub.
When the power is down, the air and sky will buffer data for more than an hour. If power comes on that data is still send. I don’t need notifications when I for example need to unplug the hub for a few moments. The 60 minutes waiting time before notification seems just about right. When the internet is down, the hub will buffer data even longer, and I don’t see any need for shortening the 60 minute time. Making this shorter will get pretty annoying with a sometimes dodgy wifi/internet and generating too much notifications as the wifi/internet connection will probably recover within the hour.
Note that from the server side at weatherflow it is pretty hard to separate the two case.
The third case where the hub is working and the air or sky is unreachable is a bit different as in this case the hub can still communicate with the server.

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Good point. Note, we can’t distinguish between “no internet” and “no power” from the server side, which is where the online/offline status is determined. And “no internet” is likely the more common reason for a station going “offline”.

The choice of 60 minutes as the “offline threshold” was selected a bit on the long side for precisely that reason: to avoid over-alerting.

Because the offline status must be inferred, there is no perfect number that will work for everyone. The idea of making the “offline threshold” an advanced station setting is a good feature request. It’s on our backlog now.


Making it a setting is probably the best solution for everybody

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