Humidity reading for tempest

Hello, can the tempest be reading 9pts higher then my other stations during the daytime especially, then closing the gap better after sunset? I’m wondering why the larger difference thru out the day? and if tempest is out of line or not? Thanks

How does the siting of the Tempest compare to your other stations (is it in the same place, closer to the ground, further from the ground, closer to vegetation, further from vegetation…), and how much do you trust your other stations?

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Yeah the main one I trust more my Davis is about 4ft lower then tempest and mounted on my deck railing they are close together but tempest is up away from everything on a 5ft tripod Davis is just further down blocked more from my cap cod roof. Outside of that it’s the main difference as mentioned before they seperate during the day then come more in line fairly close together by sunset and overnight that strikes me as strange since they are both getting the same amount of sun as well.

Hmmm not sure I have any solid answers I’m afraid. I would have thought higher up the Tempest might read lower, but that doesn’t seem the case. Usually to read higher it needs to be closer to the ground or to vegetation. Maybe others will come along with some suggestions.

If you look at my field test station at and compare Tempest-3 Roof with the one on my CoCoRaHS post Tempest-BY you will see a similar thing. The one on the roof frequently has a higher reading but not always than the one at ground level. AFAIK, the only issue with Tempest-BY is the charging issue it has. The one on the roof is about 8 feet above the peak or about 28 feet above the ground and the back yard is at 4.1 feet (that is to the top so a little lower to the humidity sensor.

do they get direct sun light at the same moment ?

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Thanks for your question they don’t receive direct sun quite the same due to height difference so the angle varies, close but I would say a little different . Things are much better at night. Maybe that plays a bigger part then I thought. Right now at almost 10am full sun they are still close in readings so it usually separates more in afternoon at this point I’m not too worried about the humidity part.

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