Is my Sky failing (WF sent replacement)

I have had my WF station up since around the middle of August, which I love! I think my south sensor is not working. I have two other stations that reports winds from the south. Most of our winds comes from E-SE-WSW. I have it orientated to true north. Everything else is working great and I truly do love my WF! I used a small electric leaf blower at a very low speed as if the wind was coming from the south, but it still showed coming from the north. I have the power save mode off. My WF number link.

I don’t know if I am the right place to report this.

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Richard Miller

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Hello Richard

If you look closely to the four sensors, is there one or any not properly seated in the housing ??

Next to that, not much we can do in this forum.
Time to contact directly the support. They will have a look at the raw data and will help you for sure directly.

support via the website :

support via mail :

I took the station down, the south sensor opposite of the north sensor looks like it is not seated as the three other sensors. I can fell the other sensors but the south sensor I can’t feel. Where can I place a ticket to have support look at my data? Thank you for getting back to me so fast! Thank you for your great & fast support!
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see my post above, you have two options, via an online ticket system or via mail

I found it Eric,

I did a soft reboot and will see if that clears it up!


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I will give it a while👍 Thanks for the support!

All taken care of, WF sent me a replacement after looking at my data. Wind direction is working better! Thanks!:+1:

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