Is the Tempest IOS App Down?

This afternoon on my home display I noticed it had closed

I reopened it and it abnormally ends immediately

I got to my other IOS devices (iPad or iPhone) and the same occurs

I know my profile and password

I can go to the web page and log in and the web page works

This started the afternoon of 11/04.

All my devices have the latest IOS and latest Tempest app

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and that does not resolve the issue

Mine is working on both my iPhone and iPad.


I have 2 iPhones and 5 iPads on my Apple account (work and family related) all 7 exhibit the same behavior of abnormally closing as soon as the app is opened

Therefore it is user specific

I have opened a ticket with support and hopefully they can address it and respond back to me

When I reinstall the app it is ok until I attempt
To sign on and I do know my profile and password

As soon as it authenticates me the app blows out

Good luck, I hope support can help you.

Later Wednesday evening the app started working again without a blowout

I did enter a support ticket

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