App not working on IOS devices

We have 2 iPhones and 2 iPads. We also have an android device. The weatherflow tempest app stopped working a couple of hours ago on all IOS devices but is still working on the android device. Is this a known issue? If not a known issue, I can describe the issue more fully.

just checked mine on iOS 14ß2 and it work normally.

You go via cellular or wifi ? Maybe check if the connections are working ok?

The app starts to load then the screen goes black for a second and then I’m back to the Home Screen. App just won’t load on updated phones or on one updated iPad nor on other not yet updated iPad. So most devices running IOS 14.0.1 but one device still running IOS 13. As I said all is working fine on the android device so I know the units and the hub are working but old or new IOS, same problem. Black screen then Home Screen.

try a soft reset of the devices and if that doesn’t help uninstall and re install, might solve. Servers seems ok, my iPhone runs ok even if it is getting pretty old now.

A new twist: I just turned off Wi-Fi and relaunched the app. It loaded for a moment showing the old version of the display but when I switched to the new display, the screen went black and then to the home screen. BTW I tried both a soft and a hard reset of my phone. Didn’t help.

Removed gif of issue.

I removed the gif of what was happening

The app just started working on all devices. I changed nothing at all here at my home on any device or even on anything on my home network. The app wasn’t working and now it is, I guess it’s just one of those odd things.

Maybe the app was trying to create a tempest in your head. :rofl:

:blush: :+1: that must be the explanation

And it is doing the same thing again. Just started a few minutes ago. Same thing exactly.

On all IOS devices the app shuts down as soon as the app loads if the app is logged on or else it shuts down as soon as I log on.

If I’m off line it loads but shows no up to date data. If I reinstall the app, it loads until I log in, then the app shuts down.

The android device is still working fine. This issue is affecting my IOS devices only.

Are you using latest version of the app ? 4.06 (446)

Yes, I always keep all my devices updated. I reboot the devices including the modem regularly.

And this evening, after getting home from work, all was working again. I don’t have an explanation.