Latest Southeast storm rain differential

Hello all…I’ve been noticing some relatively high differences in rain gauges that are about 10 miles apart in Charlotte NC. For this past event, we are talking about .85 inches of rain. Has anyone else noticed a large discrepancy between two close stations?

south charlotte
north Charlotte

I would not consider 10 miles apart being “close” stations.


10 miles is not close. Even one mile is not close when it comes to rain.


In some cases 4 blocks is not even close! :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen discrepancies between three different rain gauges located less than 4 feet apart… :shushing_face:


HAHAHHA…well clearly everything I’m dealing with lately is “NOT close”

I have seen it down the middle of my street. Now that’s weird.

I was about 13 or 14 when I was on the upper deck of a moving Edinburgh tram close to the front window. For about what I guess could have been 20-30 seconds, half the window was bespattered with large rain drops. The other half was as dry as a bone. I obviously thought this was so unusual that it has stuck in my mind, 83 or so years later.

Much more recently, I live on a road with 4 villages, each a few km apart. One day, it was raining hard as I motored from my home village. The neighbouring village road was as dry as a bone; the next village had a really wet road and it was just starting to spit on a dry road in the last one.