Local data storage

Not a programmer myself, but wondering if anyone has developed anything that dumps the raw data from the HUB into an ms SQL server table? Before anyone mentions that it costs too much to use me SQL server, I should mention that you can get the full enterprise version for Developers (single license) for free from Microsoft.

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personally I use a Pi with Weather Display (catched the udp packages) to forward to an online hosted Meteotemplate that is using MySql
In the same way you would use weewx on a pi that also dumps in a database on the pi, or if you hook a drive on it, on the drive

Guess there are others working on the same subject, but those I know personally.


Probably the easiest and simplest method would be to use Python. You can run it on several platforms.

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And MySQL is free.


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I have an ugly but functional station driver grabbing the UDP packets and importing them into weewx on a Raspberry Pi. From there, I can send them to MeteoTemplate for archiving/analysis/display, as well as send the data to just about every PWS service on the Internet…

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Yes. I have one and it’s easy to set up.