SQL Server support

Has anyone developed a method to copy the WeatherFlow output to a MS SQL Server?

Some here have done so using PHP to subscribe via a web socket then inserting the data into the SQL engine.

If your SQL server is local you can use UDP data from the Hub. Otherwise the socket data from the Hub is that same format.

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Locally or remote ?

You can intercept locally the udp stream and use several methods like Weather Display (Win/Mac/Nix) WeeWx …and from there send to mysql locally or why not online like meteotemplate

You can also go the other way round and use the api to go grab the data and store it to mysql but that’s more a coders adventure

hello its quite easy you call the weather API and simply insert into mysql with simple php INSERT INTO

example is in use here at https://weather34.com i dump the lightning and UV/SOLAR data to mysql alongside my existing weather station data

alternatively you can use software like weather display and build your own mysql database and use the data in any template and pull the data directly from the mysql .

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I had thought about Weather Display and installed a second copy in a different directory, and if records my data. My problem seems to be with WeatherDisplay’s WDMSSQL app. Seems you cannot run 2 separate versions. Or at least I have not be successful in doing it. I have been successfully running the WDMSSQL app to write my VantagePro data to my SQL Server database.

I use the Developer version of MS SQL Server (it is free)

You’re half way there just hook up to the Weatherflow api and n simply insert the json output into the MySQL .

The OP wants to use Microsoft SQL, not MySQL. If your PC is sitting on the same IP subnet as the WF Hub, there are plenty of sample C# to pick the UDP broadcast packets directly off of the network where you can then poke them into an MS-SQL table. Doesn’t seem like more than a few hours to code, but then again I’m not a Windows or C# programmer… :slightly_smiling_face:

For what he wants to do the both operate the same.

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Always a solution and it’s pretty simple almost exactly the same if the php_mssql extension is installed on your server then use the common php methods

// Connect
$somethingweather= mssql_connect($host, $user, $pass) or die("Cannot connect

// Database
$db = mssql_select

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make sure when using a second copy of WD you have a 2wd.txt file there
so then that copy of WD has separate settings from the normal copy

I have created a folder wdisplay2 and installed a second copy of WeaterDisplay… Do I need to buy a second license (which I am fine with)?

Additionally can I run a second instance of wdmssql so I can write my WeatherFlow data to a separate MS SQL Server table?


just make to sure to have a 2wd.txt file in that second install location
just email me the new code

Let me ask, are you wanting to simply duplicate the same data to a separate database?

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Sounds so bad when you put it that way, but the answer is yes (same database different table). Not for the long term but just to do a more in depth side by side comparison.

But I have been unsuccessful in running 2 copy’s of wdmssql.exe. I can run 2 copies but they do not both write to there respective table.

Ah… So you are doing this to see if the data is the same. I thought you just wanted a duplicate copy of the data.

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are you sure you have the 2nd copy of the running wdmssql set to update to a different table name?

Yes same database different table

in the log, it should say
loaded table
any error at that point?

Sorry for not getting back to you for a while. My motherboard died am in the process of getting everything reinstalled and running.