Computer Programs and Web Site Scripts

So you can see what can be done with the Weather Flow system outside of the website and app supplied by Weather Flow I give some examples.

To collect data from the hub to my computer I am using Weather Display software. It can be configured to pull data from the Weather Flow cloud (via the internet) or locally via UDP. The cloud option allows you to monitor the Weather Flow system that might be in a remote location. The UDP option is used if the computer is located on the same local network as the Weather Flow system is. If the computer and the WF system is on the same network you want to use the UDP option as it is faster and it will get data from the sensors as soon as it broadcast.

You can find the Weather Display software at There is a fee to to use the software.

For my web sites I have Weather Display uploading data to the web sites every 5 seconds. This allows the web site to be updated almost in real time. I am currently trying out 2 different web scripts that take two different approaches to display the data.

For the first sample I am using the Saratoga web scripts. This gives more of a text based output but if far from being boring. It has lots of options and the developer is very active in keeping it up to date. Use of this script with the Weather Flow hardware is at You can find the Saratoga scripts at They are free to use.

For the second site I am using the Meteotemplate scripts. These scripts are much more graphic oriented, not better or worse that the Saratoga scripts, just different. The developer is also very active in keeping it up to date. Use of this script with the Weather Flow hardware is at You can find the Meteotemplate scripts at These scripts are donationware.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of these programs or scripts. I have used the Weather Display program and the Saratoga scripts for close to 15 years. I have only used the Meteotemplate scripts for a couple months but wanted to try them as they are so different.


Here is one project I’m working on.


More options are becoming available to display your Weather Flow data on your own website. While this example of the Steel Series Gauges linked below are part of the Meteotemplate they can be installed as a standalone web page. I am using Weather Display to update the web site every 5 seconds and you can see the gauges change in almost real time. There should be a number of other options available once the Weather Flow station has been on the market longer.

Steel Series Gauges


Wow! Those are really nice.


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If you happen to use Weather Display on your home computer to collect data and upload it your web site there is a new, just released, script that is a stand alone script to display your data in close to real time. The name of the script is Fresh WDL. At this point it is considered an Alpha version but it does work correctly. It is written completely in JavaScript and uses HTML5 so it should be compatible with all browsers that are HTML5 compliant. My understanding is that improvements and updates will be made with it. Once released as a final version it will be donationwear but if you want to support the “one man” development team you can donate now.

Some back story on how this came about. There is a program available called Weather Display Live (WDL) that displays live data upload to your website by Weather Display. The problem was it is based on Flash and with Flash being phased out, those that were using WDL were out of luck. So the author of this script set out to solve that by writing new JS code that was HTML5 compliant while keeping (somewhat) the look and feel of the original Flash based WDL.

Remember, this is just the “Alpha” version that should be cleaned up and dressed up as time goes on. You can see it in action using Weather Flow as the weather data source HERE.

You can download the script HERE



Thanks for mentioning weather display software and the weatherflow integration/support Hankster :slight_smile:
Brian Hamilton, Weather Display

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and the good thing is is loads much faster than the original WDL too :slightly_smiling_face:The author, Yerrem\n
(who happens to also live in the same country as me , New Zealand), has done a great job :slight_smile:

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I’ll give Brian another kudo for WeatherDisplays support of just about any station including support for a WS-16 data logger I’ve run since around 2008. I’m using the SmartWeather app to push data to WU and am still running WD to push data to CWOP, as their Q.C. reports are quite useful. I just applied the WF patch to WD seems to be running fine.


Thank you! And it is an extremely easy install

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Just backing up the use of Weather Display - without question the most flexible, regularly updated weather software i have used. I run two licences for separate sites (one in Central London and one in Norfolk, UK).

I use the clientraw.txt output to an ajax template - updates every 3 seconds with background colour changing according to temp and a fade in between value changes:

Weather Display made it quite easy to set up…



good stuff their Andy, showing how you can design your own page and using ajax for live updates
well done :slight_smile:

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