Data sharing local tv stations

Are local weather broadcaster interested in data from the tempest in Fresno, California (ABC30)?

Hello Hale,
I’m a local broadcaster in Wisconsin, trying to integrate the Tempest weather data into our weather computer system. I’m still working on ways for the data to go directly into our computer system, so that it is readily usable by the local television stations.
I’m not quite there yet,


I think you have to read the term of use for the Tempest as a personal person again.

Unless you have a separate written agreement with WeatherFlow on different terms, WeatherFlow grants to you an individual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable right to access and use the Services and the Licensed Content solely for your personal, non-commercial purposes .

I hope you comply or you might get some issues. WeatherFlow-Tempest has commercial options and if you didn’t already did, maybe take contact and discuss on how you can comply.

@eric, note that this does not apply to UDP data, only API data.

Users are allowed to user ‘their data’ from the UDP as they please.

@dsj @WFstaff

Please respond with the exact decision.

None will as this is something the commercial department will do once you contact them as I indicated previously. It is not said he has to pay but at least exchange about what and how.

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