Citizen Science Data Sharing

Discussions on this board indicate that the Tempest data is shared with the NWS through and the National Mesonet. The NWS product NWS Weather & Hazards is fed by Synoptic Data, however I don’t see my station showing up on this map (yes, my public sharing is on and my data is visible on Weather Underground). Like most users, I would like my data to be available as my old Davis station was through CWOP, but I’m not seeing evidence that is happening . Prior threads on this topic are over a year old, so I’m wondering if there’s an update that addresses citizen science data sharing.


For what it’s worth, I wrote SynopticData a few months ago and they said they were working on getting the Weatherflow data to NWS/MADIS. Sounded like there could be a bandwidth issue to overcome. Not sure on which end. Guessing the NWS, but not sure. I didn’t save the email or I would post it here.