PWS_Dashboard now supports WeatherFlow directly

The PWS_Dashboard ( aka HWS-template) already supports multiple weather-programs and website-API’s.
It now also supports the WetherFlow api for those owners that will not or can not run a weatherprogram 24/7

The WeatherFlow-API is used to get the realtime data, the dashboard itself creates the high/low history.

Demo at:

To avoid confusion:
This template has no relation with and is not using data from


well done, looks great!

Checked in with PWS which I used to send data to via Weather Display, but they said they are waiting for WF to implement data send.


I am not familiar with how WeatherDisplay uses / gathers the WeatherFlow data.

To use the PWS_Dashboard with a WeatherFlow device

  1. you can use your WU-ID (if you are uploading to WU) or
  2. use a weather-program such as WD or Meteobridge or
  3. access your WeatherFlow data directly

The PWS_Dashboard uses, already for over a year, direct access to the WeatherFlow data to get the lightning data.
The same URL is now used to obtain the current data of all sensors.
The scripts uses the documented API : “/observations/station/{station_id}”?api_key={api}
The historical min/max values are calculated by the scripts.

I do not understand what is meant with “WF to implement data send” but i welcome any description to be used in future releases.

More info from other users / testers of the PWS_Dashboard;topicseen#new


I think PWS is waiting for weather flow to send data as it does with weather underground. Don’t know if WF plans this. If currently it requires programming or coding to send data to PWS, the mere thought gives me Hives… The Meteobridge is not in my plans currently.

Start out with the October Beta – pws09c - full Weatherflow API integration and generally bug free, with numerous bug fixes over the prior version. Example here:


My Hi Temp is always 60.1 F… Has anyone else had this problem?


To check what is happening I need the URL to your website. Can you please post it?

This is the 24/7 WeatherFlow test-site, free of any problems for months


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