Capture data to SQL Server

I am not a developer or coder so thought I would check-in here to see if anyone has developed a way to import live data from the Hub to an SQL Server database. At a 2 second interval that is 43,200 lines of data. I would only store 24 maybe 48 hours worth.

I use MS SQL Server (you can get the enterprise version for free to use for development work).

There are several PWS weather apps that can read the UDP data and then store it. I use Weather Display and it can write out to mysql or MS SQL.

WeatherDisplay only sends data every minute. I want to capture at a higher rate.

What about ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage


You can only import what the HUB emits, meaning every 3 secs or so for rapid-wind, every 10 secs or so for device status, every 60 secs for sensor observations if I recall the numbers correctly.

If you’re not a developer or coder, this might be a bit of a stretch even with the various 3rd-party things people have cooked up in the last year or so here.