Localized Wind Event

Yesterday we had a short, sudden wind event at our station in the Denver Colorado area. The wind was strong enough that it blew over the barbecue grill on the patio.

Just before the event the wind speed was low, about one mile per hour with gusts of about two mph. The Wind Speed graph is calibrated in five minute intervals. The recorded wind gusts were 2 mph at 2:30 pm, 5 mph at 2:35 and then peaked at 29 mph at 2:40. I suspect that there had to be something higher to knock over the grill.

What is the likely cause of this event? Is there a way to know the size of this event? For example, would the event show up on weather radar? Or, is there a way to determine if other private weather stations experienced this weather event?

Does WeatherFlow record data more frequently than every five minutes? If so, is it saved in a location that I can access? Are there any organizations or individuals that collect weather data for events like this?




What does the one minute data show?

rapid_wind measures every three seconds, but I don’t know if it’s captured by default anywhere you can get at after the fact…

It’s not stored at WeatherFlow as far as I know. I can pull the 1 minute data from WeatherFlow for you. What is your station number?

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also have you zoomed in completely in the graphs as the default doesn’t show peak values ?

Thanks all.

Good catch. No, I hadn’t zoomed in completely. I tried it now, but couldn’t get back to August 26 when the event occurred. Is there a way to go back two days?

My station number is 4537. How do you pull historic data?