Locating AIR relative to speakers and LED fixtures

I am still experimenting with the best location for my new AIR. I have a protected back porch wall that would have the AIR between two ceiling mounted outdoor speakers, roughly 1.5 metres from the nearest one. It would also be mounted near (< 1m) below a recessed LED ceiling fixture. Note these ceiling porch lights are and speakers are infrequently used. Would this location be acceptable given the warning to stay clear of electrical interference. Also, I should add that I am not interested as much in lightning detection.

If the lightning detection is not a prime value and ‘if’ you should get false detections, it is very simple to switch off the warning in the app or online. What is more important for the air in your case, is the place well ventilated and won’t there too much heat radiation ? That could well influence temperature readings

Thank you for your response. The proposed location is really more of an open deck, and the roof overhang is less than 1 m. I may already have the best location right now, and will let it settle in a bit longer - I have only had my hardware up for less than a week. The location I have now is on the north wall of a shed in my back yard. Although it is close to a wooden fence, the fence in that area is blocked from the sun by the shed as well, and the spacing of the fence boards, and area of the yard I believe allow for adequate ventilation. Comparing it to other PWS in my close proximity, which all use different but respected hardware, the WU recorded data values have been very similar. At least here I will also be able to use the lightning detection feature.

On an unrelated note, are you aware of any software that would allow me to compare the data from multiple local PWS all on one graph at the same time. I tried WunderStation, but it can only connect to one PWS at a time, and I do not want to toggle back and forth between them.

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Coming soon to a BTSTWx PRO app near you…

  1. Ability to view limited graphs of multiple stations in your area, on the same graph.

And by “limited” I mean a just few specific parameters (wind speed, direction, temperature), within a time limit of probably the last hour.

  1. Integrated WxMap, showing again limited data items from stations in your area.

You might have a look as well onto