Looking to reset my tempest. Clear all data all locational data

Is there a complete reset of the unit possible?
Move to a new location and want to clear all data and reset station ID.
Is this possible?

Yes, contact support. They can do that for you.

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Yes, just go in to the app, update your location and then select delete all data. If you really want a different Station ID, I believe swiping to the left on the stations tab in settings will delete the station along with everything else associated with that station ID.

After that, you might want to power up the hub while holding a paperclip or similar item in the reset hole on the hub.


and you will also have to reset the Tempest after the station delete. It won’t connect to the new installed hub. For this start the Tempest and once you see the led blink, push and hold the led till it reboots again, once the led comes on you can release the button.
The led should blink slowly green. Now you can add it again to the hub.

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When you say push the LED, you’re saying the LED that’s on the bottom of the station itself? I did not know that that was even a button.

Also, I have 2 green dots, one for hub one for station. But the data is loading on the app.
This is eventhough I did NOT press the LED button on the bottom of the station.
Any thoughts?

Yes, that is a button, too.

Did your Station ID change when resetting up your station? If so, then you’re all set. It is entirely possible the hub saw that the Tempest was already paired with it so it just started working.