Manually specify the source for forecast info?

I live on the shore of Lake Superior near Duluth, MN. The weather on the lake is often quite different from that at the NWS office and the KDLH airport which are both miles away from and nearly 1000’ above the cold pool of water known as Mother Superior.

There is a smaller airport, Sky Harbor (KDYT), that IS located right on the lake. I had been using the KDYT forecasts In the past and they worked well for my purposes. The forecasts I see on my Tempest app, however, seem to be geared toward the NWS/KDLH forecasts. Today, for instance, there is a 20°F difference in the temperature between the KDYT and KDLH forecasts.

How can I tell my system to use the KDYT data?


The question is not how to change it but can it be changed by you.

The answer today is No.

That could change in the far future. I suggest you add that as a feature request.

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weatherflow’s bigger idea is to adapt the forecast to your local situation, based on your own measurements. I’m really curious when that kicks in to see the improvement. Currently the forecast isn’t very good at all. (todays predection was 20 Celcius but the actual max was 25)

The question was, and remains, HOW to do so. Thank you for letting me know it is not possible at this time. I will forward this on as a suggestion.