More Info on Improvements with Tempest

I know these questions may have been covered, however it would be nice to have a more detailed info. 1st. The forecast. Will it be better. Now it gives forecast 75 for high and low of 40 for my station. Will it now use my current weather stats , along with other weather stats to give the forecast, to give a better forecast . Will the rain sensor give better amounts. What other improvements m

Is there a significant difference between the the sky and Tempest. Or is it like the 2019 version has 4 speakers, the 2020 has 6 speakers

I’m still looking for those 4 speakers! :wink:


They are in the cap placed 90 degrees apart, facing downward at the wind measurement plate… :wink:


Tempest is SKY+AIR in one unit and some other improvements.

The Tempest is All About That Bass! :parrot:


The forecast does not come from WeatherFlow and does not depend on the hardware you have.

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I thought that the forecast for your area/city — used the stats from your station – among other sources to give you a better forecasted hi/lo for your area – this is not the case ?

I thought that I read that WF was working on implementing the use of your local station but that wasn’t going to happen until after the Tempest is shipping.


That’s about the story I have too. At some point personal data will be integrated in your forecast. But for sure it’s not the case today.


I was hoping for some kind of thumping subwoofer