Map not working due to blocked tracker (resolved)

The new weatherflow map ( stopped working because ghostery (higly recommended extension to firefox) blocks some site because it is possibly used as a tracker. I didn’t expect that from weatherflow. Weatherflow might want to try to use trackers, I might want to try blocking them, but to make the website unresponsive with the blocked trackers, isn’t particular friendly.

In the past couple days, I’ve had repeated instances of the ‘share’ link returning nothing other than a blue screen and a non-functional button in the upper right hand corner.

Same thing on Safari (Mac), Chrome (Mac), Chrome (Android) at those times. The android ‘app’ itself ‘does’ seem to show normal data.

Are you guys getting browned out due to load, or perhaps one of the js links you’re referencing in the page isn’t answering ?

Screenshot attached…


I have a ‘view source’ file for this if anybody from WF needs it, but can’t upload it here due to your forum software restricting what we can attach.

are you by any change using an adblocker like ghostery ???

look for a tracker called bugsnag, let it true and it’ll work again. I have upped this to @corrineb via support already.
Let’s see what the return will be but in the meantime you can get it to work by allowing that tracker

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See my reply above that the tracker in question is one used to help track bugs on a page

this is the software used to track :

maybe Ghostery is just overdoing it, I disabled it for now, see what WF returns on my report

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I use add blockers on my PCs and phones and I have not had any issues. I suggest you not be so quick to blame WeatherFlow and maybe look at testing other ad blockers or just set that ad blocker to allow on WewatherFlow,

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Your are blocking ads, but not the trackers. That’s probably why it works for you. I block both. But as I said, I don’t mind if they use ads, or trackers or whatever, but I would like to block them. I would hope that weatherflow doesn’t mind me doing so, but currently the website doesn’t work when trackers are blocked.

No - but I ‘do’ run pi-hole to block DNS resolution of many ad/tracking-related sites. My question is why would I need to permit myself to be tracked to use a WF page ? That is LAME to use the most polite term I can use in a family friendly forum.

That said, pi-hole has been running for years here. Why would that suddenly break my WF pages and only temporarily on just a couple days recently ? The pages worked before yesterday, they worked eventually yesterday, so whatever pi-hole is blocking DNS resolution of is unaltered unless WF is dynamically changing what it’s serving up to us.

What (grrrrrrr) third party sites need to be permitted for the WF page to work ?

update - developer console answers all.
WF seems to be tracking us…


Please don’t go down this path. Really.
[edit - ok, ‘tracking’ was a little strong there. Sorry.]

give it try now :wink:

fix rolled out to solve the bugsnag problem, let us know if the page loads ok again


yup - I see in the view-source what was tweaked. Thanks.

Yesterday afternoon I deployed Bugsnag on the website. Bugsnag allows JS errors to be reported to us and gives us other tools that allow us to know when we potentially introduced new bugs and in general it allows us to monitor the stability of the website. We deployed it with the intention that it would help us deliver a better web product.

However, there was a major oversight on my part and I did not test what would happen if the Bugsnag code did not load properly. It was never my intention to stop the page from loading if Bugsnag was blocked. The reality is that I introduced a bug while trying to deploy code that would help us combat bugs. Developer fail. :disappointed:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything let me know.


@vinceskahan I’m not sure if your share page load issue was only caused by the Bugsnag issue, but if you continue to have issues with the page loading let me know.

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that’s very quick. Thanks for fixing it. Really appreciated!


Never heard of that one before. Never. Never used it myself either. Never.

Thanks for the quick response…


Interesting. Much ado about nothing.

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We’re only tracking you, Vince :wink:


it definitely is reassuring to know that somebody’s watching my back :slight_smile:


That is correct. Tracking information is pretty much useless so let them waste resources on me.

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