Maximum range between the Hub and Sky&Air

The pole for the Sky&Air is up on a hill about 600-800ft away from the house. The area is “clean” with visual and no trees or buildings in between. The Hub will be in the window area with a clear line of sight to the pole.
I wonder what to expect.
Does anyone have experience with such distances?

It’s easy to check. Walk the Sky to the pole and check the RSSI while you are there.


See video of range testing here:

See also notes from @dave.larson1 here: Photos of Sky and Installation

** Every situation is unique. Radio signal strength can be affected by a variety of visibile and invisible impedence. Best to test in your location and use the RSSI values on your station status page to monitor the signal strength. The telemetry between HUB and AIR/SKY was meticulously designed to maximize both range and data packet delivery. **


awwww now you’re just showin’ off…


Perhaps I should have posted my Sky range testing here (But I couldnt find the topic at the time) Someone could move them here if you want to…
For your info here are my Sky range test results up to 12km…

Which means I wonder if I should start a new topic for ‘location’ to represent the location of each Sky (or Air) because in the future I might position a Sky on each headland in range of my hub, so the Skys could vary in location by 18km from each other? In the mean time when I get them I will just have to label them with their headland name, which is OK with me, but people will not find them from a map.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about this yesterday… we need to be able to set a physical location (lat,long) for each SKY attached to a HUB… Just because it is a singular HUB, does not mean that all SKYs or AIRs are colocated with that HUB.