Sky range very poor compared to Air

I’m having a few issues with my Sky unit and range/signal. It seems that I can get a signal from the hub to the sky unit to a maximum of around ~25m line-of-sight but after that it doesn’t work. Any obstruction (glass, wood, roof) drops that down significantly. It doesn’t work through my colourbond/tin roof at all even with a <1m distance to the Hub, through glass drops it down to 3m, plasterboard drops down to 1-2m.

The Air unit next to it in the same spots has no problem connecting at all (with the exclusion of the roof which I haven’t tested just yet). It works through several walls and metal obstructions.

Is anybody else experiencing similar numbers? Does the Sky typically have less range than the Air? As it is right now there isn’t anywhere I can put the Sky unit and have it work. At best all I can think of is to find an enclosure for the Hub and place that next to the Sky on the roof and have an electrician get power up to there (the wifi signal is fine through all of these mediums).

Any help appreciated.


I just realised there are RSSI values in the status. So at ~20m (65ft) clear line-of-sight with both units side-by-side, the RSSI of the Air is -45 and the RSSI of the Sky is -94. I’m going to presume the antenna in the Sky is broken.

Hi both of mine (sky and air) are about 50m from my house and no problems

I agree with you. The Sky has an issue. Contact


Been having the same problem and have been in contact with support to see what can be done.

I have the Sky in direct line of sight and closer than the Air and the Air sits at -30-40 and the Sky is -80-90 all the time.


I sent off a support request just after I made this thread - but it’s obviously the weekend so I’ll wait a few days to see what they say and report back.

@brad @oturner I’m having the same problem I think. Just set up my Station last night and while indoors, in the same room, Air RSSI was -40 and Sky RSSI was -76. When I moved both units outside to the patio (10 feet from the hub in line of sight through a picture window), the Air increased to -37, but the Sky dropped to -94. I’m afraid to move it up to the roof with that low of a signal strength. I just submitted a ticket but was curious if you had heard anything yet.

Sounds like you both may have issues with your SKY wireless range, with those kind of RSSI values at close range. Open a ticket at or and someone will troubleshoot and/or ship you a new unit.


Just an initial reply but no update/response on the fault itself.

I got a reply from support and it’s been deemed a fault in the Sky unit so a replacement is being sent out. A pretty easy process really - so thanks to the folks at WeatherFlow for their help.


@brad I received a similar reply today. Very quick turnaround response for this. WeatherFlow customer support is impressive to say the least. @dsj Thanks WeatherFlow!!


I have been out of town for work and haven’t had a chance chase mine up but the last reply I had wasn’t as straight forward as that.

Moving the unit closer to the sky was the short version. I have it less than 10m away and still at -80+ RSSI

Just replied to the last email to try and get things moving.

I have the same problem.
I 've bought 2 wf weather stations.
The first sky has RSSI -95 while the second sky (in place of the first one) has -75
I 've sent email @ support.

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