Metric versus imperial units

Having the US convert to metric is more difficult than having the EU convert to imperial.

Personally, I’d rather have base 10 units. It’s so much easier to do that math.


but metric is 10 based in a way
you just shift the decimal place
and we are not just talking EU
I think now the USA is on the only country in the whole world that is not metric
NASA even has had to go metric

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That’s my point. Metric is based on units of 10 for everything.

There aree 50 states in the US. Each state has rights and would have to agree. Just like each state in the EU.

at least weatherflow has the raw data as metric
but then you guys are butchering that data and reporting it has non metric

made another topic as not to ‘pollute’ a return topic for the WF staff :wink:


How is it that metric is being report as non-metric? (yes, non, not none.)

the rain reports
being reported as inches
when the raw data is mm

that is all

Change it to mm.

Yes, most of us convert it to inches but we don’t report mm as inches.

I see Dan did add mm
so much easier to see the differences
as its a factor 10
e.g so much easier to covert to say % under reading etc

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Fortunately, I have a pretty good built-in ability to handle both metric and imperial units (probably from lots of international travel and work and from crossing the border from New York to Quebec and back more times than I can count).

My bigger problem is dealing with UNIXTIME in the WeatherFlow timestamps! Thank goodness for the FROM_UNIXTIME SQL function!!!


I am in the same position. spend a lot of time each year in Saigon and I am the one that has to convert numbers for my wife.

Epoch time is easy. convert it to a human date time and THEN convert it to local time. That’s the part where you have to know the offset and Daylight Saving Time adds to the issue.

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Not a problem at all for me, but Jimmy Carter tried this earlier and so far all that has been learned by most of the citizenry here in the States have learned the approximate volume of a two liter bottle of pop/soda…

Not too many years back a certain Mars Lander Mission impacted the surface at greater than a desirable rate when Metric/Imperial units got mixed.

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Carter got the Federal government on the way to metric but did little to get each state to accept metric. Can’t fully have one without the other 50.

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Don’t get me started on Daylight Saving Time !!!

When the Sun is highest in the sky it is dadgum Noon! That’s it!

Other than that . . . unit conversions are a way of life. Just have to deal with it. Glad we don’t have to deal with Kelvin or Rankine temperatures every day.


Wait till you have to convert to widgets and kumquats.

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I’d have to throw in with you on that one, Solar Noon is Solar Noon! And I am extremely suspicious that the last “extension” of DST was legislated purely to benefit the candy companies at Halloween, which to my view as an old curmudgeon SHOULD be dark and spooky at trick or treat…


Nothing is Congress is everything pure. :smile:

Well . . . I now see what Brian @weather-display was talking about . . .

I have seen wind speeds as Miles per Hour (mph), meters per second (m/s), kilometers per hour (kph) and, of course, Nautical Miles per Hour (knots . . . kts).

So while I can make a guess that @eric means kph in the quote above, it seems that maybe we all (myself, especially) need to make sure we are more specific in our reporting.



yeah, I too did wonder what units he was talking about
his graph is in kph that he posted in another thread

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indeed kph, metric

And yes we have to be more precise but that was written before the first coffee of the day :wink: