Microburst wind gusts not recorded (wild video)

On May 23rd we had a crazy straight-line storm that knocked down hundreds of trees in Greenwood Lake, NY. My Tempest clocked a max wind gust of 24.2mph. But, as you can see from the Storm Time-Lapse video the wind speed was way above that. Some reports clocked max wind speed of over 100mph. Is the sensor just not calibrated for that kind of thing or maybe the sampling frequency is too infrequent? P.S. You can see the station clamped to the railing. It came through the storm like a champ.

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Howdy, Orange County neighbor!

My initial thought is that the heavy rain was fouling the wind slot, sensors, or plate.

It is interesting to watch the flag before the pole snaps. Wind is a 3D event, but the Tempest only measures 2D (horizontal) and not vertical. You might want to look at the non-timelapse video and see if you can spot any up/downdrafts that would cause damage but not be measured in 2D…

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Funny how everyone is bringing up wind gust not recorded on Tempest stations.


We too had sustained 75 mph winds for many minutes, maybe even 10 and the max my Tempest recorded was 22 mph.

Imagine that.


Did it bend the fence as much as the flagpole ? Quite the video. Have an ‘after’ photo ?

And what looked like it was swimming in the hot tub ?