Mounting Sky on a pole - in Italy!

It seems that standard pole mount used for antennas and satellite dishes in Italy are too big for the Sky pole mount.
Any successful example of pole mount with Italian hardware? Like the stuff sold at Brico center and Leroy Merlin?


I use plumbers material, steel pole dia 40 mm (satellite mount) , reduction piece 40 mm to 32 mm and plastic pipe filled with fine sand , sky on top …

@massimo.barsotti: io mi sono procurato un tubo per l’acqua da 1 pollice.

Engl.: I have a 1" (or 25mm) water pipe.

Hi Max,

I recenctly purchased a steel scaffolding (impalcatura) pipe.
They are selling 6 difference sizes here in the Netherlands and you can have any length.

21.3 mm
26.9 mm
33.7 mm
42.4 mm
48.3 mm
60.3 mm

33.7 mm fits. A bit of a tightfit but it fits.
Don’t know if you have similar shops in Italy but I would google for it.