New setup Air won't report

I set up my new unit and air reported once, but won’t update. Checked batteries, they are good. Ideas?

What is your numeric station number?

Here’s your station’s web page:
Looks like the AIR did report one observation.

Currently it doesn’t look like it is properly paired to the Hub and the Hub is also offline.

Reset the AIR device and repair it to the station/Hub…

  • Press and hold the clear LED button on the base of the AIR device until the LED flashes, then proceed to repair it to the station/Hub in the app. Go to settings > stations > choose your station > Manage devices > add device “+” (top right).

Then connect your Hub to your 2.4GHz WiFi network

  • Go to settings > stations > choose your station > WiFi Setup > follow the steps in the app to connect to your network.

See the troubleshooting guide: