New station issue

Just got my station set up yesterday and all worked well but notice today that the wind direction is all over the board. Almost spinning in a circle with wind coming from every direction every couple of seconds.

What is your station ID. One way you can find it is to use the share icon at the bottom of the WF screen. For example, my station is 5075 and the URL the share icon gives is It will let us see what you see to try to figure out what is happening. Just note that with an ultrasonic wind meter that there are no moving parts to accelerate so quick and brief wind changes can be observed when other measuring devices won’t detect them.


My station # is 10150. Thanks for looking at this for me


I see it appears to have been working properly when first installed. I’d suggest that you take a look and make sure there is nothing that is partly blocking the opening or has taken up residence there. There have been reports of bugs, spiders and even frogs using it as shelter.

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I don’t see anything unusual, either. Note that the pointer, showing here at WNW image , will whip around the long way when the wind direction changes to the East side of North. This is an artifact of the way it is programmed as it isn’t super easy to get it to act like a normal weather vane.

I see that it is titled, Orchard. Is it mounted in an orchard where the trees could be causing wind turbulence? That can also have an effect on the readings you are seeing.

Ok, thanks, will keep an eye on it and see what happens. Above the trees so no interference from there.

above is one parameter, but how far away ?? Once wind goes true trees it can have all kind of behaviour …read once a case where someone is near other buildings that act as tunnels and basically channel wind almost all the time from a particular direction.

Maybe a few pictures can explain us easier what might happen at your location …

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