Couldn’t find a FAQ: moving a station

My Tempest arrived and I just HAD to set it up and see that it worked—but it has always been destined for a different location. The time has come for relocating so I’m wondering how/what needs to be done to reset everything once it’s set back up again? TIA.

Just go into settings and update its location just like you did when you set it up. If you don’t want the current data connected to it you can do a Delete Data once it is in its permanent place and it will start like a brand new station.


Thank you. Got everything setup but the wind direction is off quite a bit. Aligned to true north, but winds are dead westerly and Tempest says NW. There’s a way to calibrate this, correct?

I would first go to the main settings page and make sure the wind direction is set to degrees so you have a finer grained view. Just until you have things set right, then you can set it back to cardinal directions. If it is actually off you can go into Settings, Stations, station name, Manage Devices, select the device, Advanced, Wind Direction Offset to correct it.