Incorrect wind direction

Tempest just out of the box and mounted, but getting an incorrect/false wind direction. Only reading as from north, no matter which direction I turn the unit. Definitely blowing from the SSE during the entire time since it went online. Have tried the Direction Offset, and still no joy.

Also, when instructions say “point the arrow in the direction of north”, does that mean the printed arrow and logo is FACING north, or the opposite (facing south, pointing “up” as if north is straight ahead)?

@samwalkerobx The blue arrow must be facing towards the North direction. Once the Tempest is brought online it needs wind from all directions to settle in and the balance the sonic transducers. Give it some time to balance and if it doesn’t then have WeatherFlow take a look at your data to see if there is a possible hardware problem

To followup on KJ’s point. . .there are 4 Sonic Transducers underneath the “cap” or top of Tempest. With your back to the North, holding on to your Tempest and looking a the Blue arrow and Blue logo on the “back” of Tempest. . .there Must Be a Sonic Transducer directly Above that blue (North) arrow. The Transducers are arranged in a N / S E / W. configuration If you notice any one of them being slightly off. . .that is not exactly N-S E-W. . .then the unit probably will need to be exchanged.

Thanks, sounds like I need to practice a little patience. Appreciate the quick response.

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If you have rotated it all the way around so it has seen wind from all directions it should be calibrated. It doesn’t take long. If you are only seeing wind from one direction submit a support ticket.

I have two weather stations, and the Tempest required a -25 degree offset entered into the settings to make it accurate. I will remove it from its mount later this week to ensure the sensors are all properly installed.

It took about 24 hours to calibrate, and it is now working properly. Thanks again for the input!

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@samwalkerobx Good to hear the wind is working correctly.

Hi there, I am new to this forum. I just got my Tempest for Christmas. Have it in a temp location on a corner of my 6 foot fence, sheltered from the northern wind direction. I ordered the pole mount and bird deterrent and plan to relocate unit in its permanent position in corner of backyard on the fence, about 10 feet off the ground that has an open area to the sky, away from structures, with nearby trees. Should get a more realistic wind reading there. My “boss” didn’t like the idea of poking extra holes in roof to mount it. Plus, it gets really hot up there in Summer time/radiant heat, etc.

My question is when you are looking at the device with triangle facing YOU, is triangle side of unit facing south (YOU facing north as you look at triangle)?

Or is triangle on NORTH side of unit (triangle side facing true north)?

Hi @david.cullen1972 ,
The easiest method to be sure that you have installed it correctly is to refer to the solar panels. Because no matter which hemisphere you are in the solar panels should face the sun which is always above the tropics or the equator. Sunny made a picture to help refer to the arrow and which hemisphere you are in here
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Ok. I assumed the solar panels faced south, and did temporarily align the triangle true north (even though it is half enclosed temporarily on north side). So obviously winds right now are

I have a 4’ fence adjacent to a 6’ fence. I figure when pole mount gets here, I would nail a 6’ picket to the existing fence (for pole mount), offsetting picket by a few feet higher on fence, securing picket with zip ties. Hoping to get 6’ to 8’ or 8’ to 10’ off surface.

6’ to 8’ above surface would be easier for me for the direction Thanks for your feedback! :grinning: