Wind still reporting 180 degrees out

I’m in Northern hemisphere and used compass to to determine Magnetic North. I’m not in a hurry to correct for true North til this is resolved.
Thanks Chris

Are you sure you mounted it the correct way, the N arrow must be north side and the solar panel facing south. 180° out smells like backwards.

Nope points North just like the Davis instruments it replaced.

Let’s try something

Your Tempest is running for 25 days now and I see it is on your roof. Ok I send a remote reboot ? Maybe it resets the wind direction …

Sure thing! Thanksforhelp.

rebooted, now up to you to see if it is 180° out or not, I didn’t reset the 180° offset you added to the settings (I can’t btw)

Seems unchanged right now.

Are you using the 180 degree offset, even though you said you had the North Arrow pointing North?

Yes i left the offset since it reads correctly after remote reset you did.

I’ll set it back and see if it reads wrong.

Still wrong when I disable offset.

Lived here for 20 years btw and every “Blue Norther” will make certain you know which way North lies as does the arrow on the Tempest!:smirk:

@eric Maybe another reset after the offset has been turned off?

Couldn’t hurt I guess"… off now.

sorry, finished dinner, it rebooted a few seconds ago

Seems the same. Thanks for trying, not a big deal and I can live with the offset.

Maybe someone snuck in a southern hemisphere version in the shipment. :rofl:

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Well, you know what they say “Its a Southerner Thing”. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

I recently swapped out my sky for a tempest, and like the original poster of this thread, mine is also 180 degrees out. I had to put in a 180 degree offset to get it to be correct. I checked a bunch of weather flow stations that are somewhat close to me and now that I have applied the offset the wind direction matches closely to theirs. I definitely have it installed correctly with the solar panels facing south.

It took months, but finally self corrected several (6?) weeks ago.