Correct orientation tempest

I just made this little picture to show once and for all the orientation of the unit. Perhaps this should be put into (which doesn’t even mention southern hemisphere)


Thanks @sunny!
We could put this in the Tempest Siting & Installation help page


Is it really so complicated for people to understand the concept that solar panels should be oriented to face as much as possible toward the sun at noon ? Sheesh.

please do. (20 characters)

One tweak I would recommend is to use the words “True North” and “True South”.


We advise to orient to true north, not magnetic north, but this graphic should help visually.

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I could add true to it, hang on…

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NOAA has a great website/app that helps you determine “True North”.

I just tell my cell phone app to show true North.

Just wondering why don’t we face it the same way in the southern hemisphere compared to the northern hemisphere? Wouldn’t that mess up the wind direction?

because then you would need a physically different device with solar panels on the other side.

computer is now rendering the newer version. Takes a while.

better? (computer generated image from a 3d model I made for this)


That is why the direction offset should automatically switch 180 degrees when set up in the southern hemisphere.

Because the solar panels need to be facing the sun for optimal solar input for charging purposes. The software will automatically adjust wind direction 180 degrees when a station’s physical location is set in the southern hemisphere.

@sunny Fantastic, thank you so much
Help page updated:

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My issue is keeping track when the device is over my head. Why not mark Truce North on the side of the device? Easier to calibrate.

See Correct orientation tempest above. On the “Southern Hemisphere” picture on the right, the arrow on the side, just below the gap, is true north for the northern hemisphere (since you want the solar panels facing south) and true south for the southern hemisphere (since you want the solar panels facing north).


in the northern hemisphere true north IS marked on the side of the device (Blue arrow)

Just mark the pole base with a sharpie or similar marker. That is what I did with my mobile unit and it works just fine. I then verify with the flat sides at the base of the unit.

I see. We do get the most sun from the North here in Australia.

That’s good to know. I wonder how many Tempests in the southern hemisphere would be facing the wrong way lol. I wouldn’t know that if I didn’t read this forum as I have never had a Weather Flow device. I will definitely keep this in mind when I recieve it and install it.