How does the sky unit know wind direction

New user here. Just un boxed and tested my sky and air units last night. I am planning on putting them up this weekend. In setting up the sky unit, do I need to have it oriented in any particular direction?
Sorry I could not figure this out from the documentation or by looking through the forum.
I am assuming it is self orienting.
Thank you

Yes, there is an indicator on the Sky which points North.


Thanks. I I will look for it this eve.

In addition, there is also an arrow on the mast mount label that should be pointed north.

My suggestion is to put a vertical strip of black electrical tape on the north side of the Sky, so that you can see the orientation from the ground…


Nice idea.

Weewx can handle this if you know how much you’re offset from true North, just to mention one nice piece of software that lets you tweak its calibrations (set true north, have min/max values to throw out bad data, etc.) to deal with minor mounting/calibration issues.

Any third-party can handle an offset but every other application, especially WeatherFlow will have bad data

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My winddirection is almost all the time SSE I’ve turned my SKY about 45 degrees but it stucks at the same direction. What could be the cause ?

The SKY is in rather open field and should pickup the wind good the windspeed is ok.

Can you have a look at the 4 sensors, are they all properly housed ? Any other visual anomaly to be seen ??

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Yes I did everything looks fine in my opinion.

contact support as they can have a look at the raw data. Maybe they see what is going wrong and can/will solve it.
Don’t forget to mention station id and SKY id so they can look it up quickly.
Sorry we can’t help more here.

support via the website :

support via mail :


Ok thanks @eric will do tommorow