No clouds, still fun

Just because my weather cam doesn’t see any clouds today, doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting. At 7 second into this video, just to the left of orion, you can see a double meteorite. Moments later some UFO making a turn (I have no idea what it was). Tempest barely visible in the top left corner :wink:


I just went to bed, so the answer could be I’m in dormant state, the other could be Groningen. Neither of those was the answer that you were hoping for. Why is the question interesting to you?

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Your UFO wouldn’t be some night insect by any chance, I see often this on my surveillance because they are attracted by the infra red leds.

this is timelapsed footage. It goes to slow for an insect. Also there seems to be some flickering going on, which might indicate a flashing light (that appears to flicker due to the timelaps photography). I think it was some aircraft that decided to turn around for some reason.

Excellent video but c’mon man no music please.

I suspect the plane that circled might have been military considering all the stuff going on in Europe. Just taking a quick look at ADS-B here’s one F-16 circling south of you currently.

URL is if you want to look in realtime. Click on the ‘U’ button to see just military that are reporting on civilian transponders. If you unclick ‘U’ you get all the many civilian aircraft too. If you want to follow just one aircraft there is a ‘I’ button offscreen-right. Excellent site.

Current airmap over Ukraine is about what you’d expect. Nothing squawking commercial. Sigh.

of course music! I try to add music to all my videos. Even in the times of silent movies, people played the piano just because music really adds to the video. But of course there is a very easy solution in case you don’t like music :wink:

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