Node-red dashboard

wow picking the UDP data off the wifi is eaaaaaaaasy…



Yes, yes it is. You just need to supply your own conversions.


Would be very very grateful if you would share your flow.

sure - I’m still messing with it a little, but I’ll put it up on github before the weekend is out. Stay tuned…

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Awsome. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing it.

Just fyi if anybody cares, but I did a little one-hour test and measured 1600 packets sent and 250 KB of broadcasts in size, so for today’s networks that’s nothing really. At least it’s not unicast phoning home.

(compared to my Roku Stick, Roku TV, and (shudder) Amcrest wifi camera that you cannot stop phoning home other than blocking egress from your LAN at the router).

Hi Vince

The graphs, how do they look like on first load? The are “building” up when UDP-data is coming in?


correct - they’re just listening to what goes past on the wire so there’s no data until something is received.

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Wow - crypto miner malware attacking node-red sites on Internet…

Be careful if you use node-red and expose it to Internet in any way…

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Inspired by this post (thanks @vinceskahan) i went away and learnt how to use node-red (so easy once you get the hang of things and your first feed). I am using as it allows a free host of node red in the cloud (makes it much easier to develop with) and also a dashboard for personal use. At the moment i am also trying their $9.99 hosting plan for a secure mqtt service and node red dashboard hosting.


Takes a lot of a work out of designing dashboards (long as you like the look). Anyhow thought people would be interested…

The live version is at:



very slick - how did you get the min/max/totals data for the day ? Are you doing some kind of db query or is there some capability in node-red for aggregation etc. that I haven’t figured out yet ?

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I hooked it up to a clientraw file - output from Weather Display - this covers all the max/mins and conversions so it makes it easier to read the data.

It also allows me to add in calibration factors to improve the online data without affecting the raw feed sent to WF, so i am using 120% on rain at the moment…