Original hub, intermittent green light status

My original Hub is positioned in such a way I can see the hub in a building down the garden from the rear of my house. For years its been great just to look and see the green light and to know its talking to the servers.

My current firmware for the hub is 143. Since this update I have, like many other, had the intermittent green light connection despite the hub talking to the servers constantly.

Recently I updated my router and the hub lost its connection via a repeater. I then had to search for the wifi and for a few days the green light was there. A week later I had to put the hub on a battery backup as the power was to be disconnected to the house. The green light popped up for 12 hours and then disappeared. I have not seen it since.

I remember seeing a few post from @dsj and others about Weatherflow introducing a bug and they were hunting it down. In later post I remember @dsj advising that they have found it and it would be rolled out in later updates. I believe we are seeing revisions 146 but am not sure if they are production versions.

Can anyone advise what is the latest state of play please.

My stations are 5073 and 5434.

The LED on hub issue is fixed in the current beta version of the hub firmware. I haven’t heard anything on the ETA of release yet.

Cheers, that great news. Just need that rollout so I can sleep at night. :slight_smile:

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