Plotting all your weather in one place

Like so many of the data nerds here, I like to be able visualize my weather station. In particular I wanted to be able to view all the data over the time I’ve had the station so that I could see trends. Originally I set this plot up using a Grafana server but I had some serious stability and memory creep issues with that. So since I didn’t actually need a full up server to do what I wanted, I just wrote a python script that directly created the graphs. I was curious if there was any interest in it so that I should clean it up enough so that it would be easy(ish) for anyone to use. (The discontinuity in the second two plots (humidity and pressure) is due to a flaky air unit I had replaced).

It uses commonly available python packages and assumes you have all your station data in a locally accessible mysql database.


Hi @chris.king,

Yes I am interested. One of my projects would be to create a graph something like this for my wind. It would be very useful for those of us into wind sports:

cheers Ian

Okay, I’ll clean it up a bit and do a bit more stress testing :slight_smile:



Nice - i started using Grafana a few months ago and its now my main source for weather data. Its a shame is not easier to share though - i pull in my WF data as well as some local tipping bucket gauges from the UK Environment Agency:


Nice dashboard, here’s the Grafana one I’m working on.


Okay, I think I’ve got the script in reasonably good shape and I was able to get an unwitting friend to successfully try out my installation instructions with only a minor amount of difficulty. So I’ll make it available to anyone else who’d like to give it a try. It still needs some work on runtime efficiency, changing the default image size and being able to easily reorder the panels but for now I think it’s good enough for people to play with.


Nice work! Even more reason for me to start archiving my data…

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I had not quite realized your approach to viewing the data as a day at the start of the thread - it’s really nice, a brilliant visualization.


Thanks for the feedback!

@lm0812 - I liked your summary dashboard a lot! I’m putting together a set of drill down dashboards myself now that I’m a new Weatherflow user. Still a few more touches to add - but appreciate the opportunity to borrow your idea!