Weather Flow to High Charts or similar?

Bit of a long shot this one - but does anyone know of the best way to get data into highcharts or similar. I used to use Cumulus (via Davis VP2) and then switched across to Weather Display. So i have the data feeds, but just need an easy way to hook up.

The main aim to get some graphing / realtime graphs into a web page.


I was playing around with it, using it to call the data from a database, nothing realtime, not yet anyways.

that can be done
others have done that
e.g check the weather display forum (i.e search for high charts using the advanced search)
and can be used with the steel gauges

Hello @andyhudsonsmith!

If you do not have allergies to WordPress (free version), you can give Weather Station a try. It uses D3/C3 and future stations boards will be done with ECharts…



Hi Pierre
Just trying out this on my WP website. Looks excellent so far and easy to edit.
Have to do some work now but will update and tweak later.
Big thanks for doing this,



I create graphs for my other 2 weather stations using D3.js.
I am only interested in wind speed that’s why graphs show only this.
The next days I will add a new graph with WeatherFlow’s data.

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Hi @andyhudsonsmith and others,

Has anyone put graphs on their web site using their weatherflow smartweather station? What is the link to your site, and which approach did you take?

cheers Ian :slight_smile: