Power Booster - Firmware Number?

Hi there;

Power Booster installed a few days ago - my station had been going in and out of powersave for weeks. We’ve had an exceptionally grey winter in Ontario, Canada. Had gone offline the night before my install. Finally back to full charge! 2.81v

Could I have a FW update please? Station ID is 00031885

Are you sure that is your Station ID? I can’t bring up your station. You can find it in the share link or go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status. Station ID is under the Hub section, not to be confused with Device ID. Here is an example from my station.

The fastest way to have this done is opening a support ticket. The CS team will help you out. For now your booster is detected but pushed to full.

Sorry - gave the serial number, I guess.

The ID is 42794

The URL of my station is: Tempest



Tempest Weather System


Yes, your Tempest is on v156 so a firmware update should allow it to see that the booster is on batteries and only boost when needed. Do as @eric said and open a support ticket.

I started to look back but too many posts. Where does one look for the firmware number of the Power Booster?


Firmware Rev 187


Firmware Rev 173.

I don’t see anything that I recognize as either the station or the booster.

Thanks in advance.

The key firmware version is the one for the Tempest instrument cluster (not the hub). It needs to be at least 165 .

Screenshot 2024-02-05 180729

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I don’t think the PBA has firmware and if it does, it has never been shown. As @wx3i09 said, the Tempest firmware is the one you need to be concerned about. With a little poking around the WF map I did find a station with hub firmware v187 and Tempest firmware v173 so I’m assuming your Tempest is at v173.

If you look at the picture @wx3i09 posted you can see that the firmware is listed right under a serial number. A serial number which starts with ST is a Tempest sensor and one that starts with HB is a hub. (FWIW, the original first-generation, a two sensor device, SKY serial number starts with SK and the AIR starts with AR.)

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Hi Eric,
Support just wrote to me ‘The Power Booster should work with firmware 164’ when I asked for a Tempest firmware to be updated.
It is not an issue for me as they are updating it anyway.
So I dont know if something has changed? I am just making a note on this thread in case something needs correcting.
edit. So I decided to test it and have taken the Tempest down and placed it on a booster and it is charging and the firmware is still on 164.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

For now I see only a pba on your ST-00124034 with FW 173 doing fine

165 is only needed for optimal usage with batteries. Not sure why they didn’t want to update your ST-00044395.

If needed let me know and I’ll ask internally