Pressure on my tempest seems off

Just comparing my pressure with surrounding pressures and it seems off. It’s quite a bit off from the National Weather Service reading. My current pressure is 30.116Hg the next closest observation which is a few blocks away has 30.062 and the National Weather Service has 30.02.

Make sure the elevation value is correct and that the height above the ground is also correct. If those are correct then it will get corrected within a few days.

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Both are correct. How does it get corrected in a few days?

This post explains how it works. Remember that the Tempest sensors are in two different units in the first generation SKY and AIR devices. AIR houses temperature, humidity, lightning and pressure sensors.

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Indeed the calibration did not yet kick in, it has been looking 3 times at your station but did not apply a correction yet as it didn’t pass quality control routines (some weird maths to see if what they get from your station is enough to do better)

Just let it run and at some point you’ll see the correction …


Ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure if these calibrations are done automatically, or do we have to request them. I have also done comparisons with my manual rain gauge. The manual gauge seems to be about 1.5 times the amount that the tempest reported yesterday.

I still haven’t seen any correction on the pressure sensor show up. Any idea on when this would occur. It also seems that the light rain events are captured fairly well, but the heavier rains are fairly underdone.

It’s entirely up to the CL system. The system has several thousand stations to examine thousands of bits of data and then determine if an adjustment is warranted. No person knows when this will occur.

It seems that it was the second week after getting home from camping that my Mobile unit got pressure calibrated for home. That was a year ago and there are several times as many stations now.

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I know this is not a scientific way. But if it bothers you can play with your elevation to get the pressure you want. I have heard several people have had to put elevation at like -50 in order to get same vales as nearby airports. I strongly don’t recommend doing this though.