Pressure readings extremely low

Had my unit for about a year now. Suddenly the pressure readings are way off. I tried rebooting the hub and replacing the batteries in AIR. Not sure what to check for next. TIA for any help.

Go into settings and make sure the location, elevation, and height above ground are still correct. What is your Station ID?

I checked the GPS coordinates today, and updated my height above ground for both SKY and AIR.

Just had a look and I have a feeling your pressure sensor is bazooka

Open a ticket with support with station ID and some details to get this confirmed. They will help you out.
Though I have to admit you’ll have to be a little patient. They are still swamped (the rate of new stations is just out-pacing their ability to answer. Hopefully new recruits and some time will get this back in line)


Thanks much, I opened a ticket.