Pressure all wrong

I just noticed that my pressure is way off, but height of the device and height of the station are set correctly. Could someone from @weatherflow have a look?

Indeed you’re living in outer space now …
except kidding, I see there was something fishy April 18th. Just for confirmation, did you change anything that day that might have triggered something in the calibration ??
I’ll ping support for you

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Sunny can you please reset the Air ? Just open the battery lid wait like 10 seconds and close it. It should reconnect and come back, see if this helps the tech folks and your pressure reading.

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Looks like a failing BMP280 (pressure sensor) to me. If a power cycle doesn’t restore sanity, open a ticket with WF support for a replacement…

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If it would have frozen at 666 hPa I would have said it was possessed!


Indeed looks like it could be a failing sensor. Contact us for a replacement AIR unit if you’d like.