Pressure sensor on new unit / no reading

A question more then anything… I got a tempest… just installed it. The pressure sensor reading in the app for the unit shows “- - -” for pressure.

Does it ever read anything? 'How long does it take before it would read a value?

I’m afraid you have a failed sensor in that Tempest.

Please do open a support ticket and they will double check and replace it.
Sorry this happens to you on a new unit.

Right out of the box? sigh Drat. Thanks

I’ve had 3 failed Tempest (wind sensor) so it happens I suppose. 4th is now more stable

Just curious why there are so many issues with wind failures and now bad pressure sensor out of the box?


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Guess we have again the statistical syndrome.

  1. the number of stations has tripled in a few months so the chances are we see more problems (though there isn’t a tripling in problems)
  2. mostly we see people complain and very few coming here to tell all is ok

Other issue is that delivery services don’t consider the package as delicate and as most of you know, they are often trown true the chain till your door. And all best packaging practises can’t avoid some to deteriorate during this rough ride. A sensor get’s knocked out of it’s place (haptic sensors clipping out the dome has been seen), a solar panel get a micro crack …
Design is adapted as Weatherflow learns but this can only happen between production runs and not once they are in stock, pity enough.

And all best practices, design ideas etc will never stop a flaw or problem. This is just how it goes. What is better than usual is the service and the fact that Weatherflow replaces defective units.

Even if customer service is stil a bit behind in return time, they do answer every request and they do send new units when there is a flaw, free of charge. I think we can all agree that ‘service’ is part of the ecosystem within Weatherflow.
They took a big challenge going from only high end (very expensive devices) to the Tempest design. They also took a great challenge in making a non moving device with all the features it has and allow each to access it’s data not only via their portal but via an API. This makes a double challenge, hardware and software … most companies would have done this in 2 steps most probably. Weatherflow went for it from day one. The ride is bumpy for sure but the ride is happening :slight_smile:


Ah. Silly me as my son would say. Support suggested powering it off then on and checking status.

Sure enough, that worked. I now have all sensors reading.

I’m golden now.

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