Brand new tempest unit Pressure sensor not reporting values

I have just received my expedited delivery of the tempest but the device isn’t/won’t report any pressure readings even though the sensor status is OK in the app and on the unit.

I have rebooted the device multiple times but still, nothing shows? is there a delay on pressure readings or anyone else had this issue? (FYI already raised a ticket with WF support just asking on here if anyone has had a similar experience)

Great to see a new UK station! Unfortunately it looks like there is a problem with the pressure sensor :frowning: . There should not be any delay in the data. You’ve done the right thing opening a ticket - CS will be in touch and can hopefully sort the issue out

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@peter Thanks for confirming my initial thoughts, thought I’d ask the question seeing as the sensors are reporting as ‘OK’ but no data was being observed.