Provide a link to 'About this weather station'

The Web pages to provide a link to ‘About this weather station’
I would like a link to a page where I can provide information about my weather station.
The link could be at the bottom of the pages next to the message ‘All times are displayed in station local time.’
The link could go to either a remote page the owner serves or to an optional default page template provided by Weatherflow which the owner can edit.

The recommended information could include the following:
Elevation above sea level and the Height of the Tempest (or Sky) above ground level.
Photographs from the Tempest towards each direction of the compass.
Photograph and description of the Air location.
Known errors for any reason such as vibrating pole causes false rain, tall obstructions nearby, the Tempest gets shade from something, the ‘Air’ is in the sun?
When several Skys or Tempests are provided from a single station their locations might be a mile or more away and in special environments or paddocks for certain special purposes.

Optional information
Anything the owner wishes to advise people about their station or their reasons for installing it.
Contact information to the owner email address.
Link to a advertiser/promotor page who sponsors the weather station.
Links to associated weather cameras and using html code to display the current image or timelapse video.
Link to a remote payment method for donations.

My reason for this suggestion:
A few days ago I installed a Sky as a wind meter a few miles from the indicated location of my weather station on the map. It is at a very useful location for paraglider pilots. I instantly had people who heard about it contacting me to send me money towards my costs and within 2 days I have recovered over $100 towards my expenses.
I would like to be able to offer people the opportunity to provide crowd funding towards my weather stations and provide links to my weather cameras and associated web pages.
And I want to advise people the locations of my Skys because they are not displayed on the map due to the map location being a Station database field rather than a remote device database field.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I don’t have any votes left but I do like this idea!