Unofficial 'Smart Weather Station' Map

Here is a Google Map I developed showing public WeatherFlow stations :sun_with_face:

The map marks stations with Sky (yellow), Air (blue), Offline (red) and Hub only (white).

I have more I want to add but never enough hours to work on every project.


I have added the country count to the legend.

The WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station is now in 53 countries!

I added a hotlink to the Countries in the Legend so you can see the number of stations in each country.

Please let me know if you see ANY mistakes.

Thank you for the likes. May I have a few more :heart:, please?



@GaryFunk station 2086 Paris is red on the map but it seems online

coincidence or ?

station 2247 is red, hub is running but the Air is down (batteries ??)
station 2121 red but online
station 2020 idem
station 3089 idem

hope there is some rule because I’m not going to look at every single station :sunglasses:

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I have updated the code for the map and it has corrected many issues.

The Map is now more accurate.

I added the count of stations that show as private.

I tweaked the code a bit to better locate stations that are offline.

Offline stations are checked every hour.

New stations are added every hour.

Added a wee bit of speed up to the output of data.

I added code to check for and remove dead devices. There were 31 Sky devices no longer online and now removed. There is still work to do.

More code changes. Stations that are offline three or more months are ignored.

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How cool! I see that I am the only one in SE Alaska! I hope others get on board too.

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Great job Gary, I come every day to see the evolution of your map!

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Is your station online and public?

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Yes sir!!! It’s sure is.

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I don’t see any station in Alaska.

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There are two. One in Juneau and one in Ketchikan. Mine. image

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Color me silly. I had some debug code that was hiding some stations when I viewed them from my phone. Getting old sucks. LOL


hello gary

could i possibly include a simple ink to your map via the menu at and if possible in meteobridge version for weatherflow template download .just a simple html link no scraping of your data ,link simply takes anyone to your page where map resides.



Yes, whatever you would like to to. Let me know how I can help.




You can link directly to the map or you can link to this topic which will always link to the map in case there is ever a change on my site.

Let me know how I can help you.


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thank you simply added a menu link to the menu to acess map…many thanks…brian

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Also maybe a future enhancement of the map as the number of units is going to double soon when the sky units will come live

I’m afraid the map is going to be overcrowded with pin.
Is it hard to recode it so you can toggle one/off certain types and only show related pins ?
This might make it a bit more user friendly for some

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That is the thought I have. I’m just not sure what to do. I need to look into creating a heat map. Your ideas are also good and will help. The data is very large at this point so I need to reduce it.


As I’m not a coder i will write maybe the worst thing ever but let’s go

  1. detect from browser what region of the world and use this data to show a more zoomed map instead the world version. I’d make 7 different ‘default’ maps
  • N America
  • S America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia - N/Z
  • World

You show one of these based on location taken from browser and if not possible then the world map will come as default for them.

This way you can load only data from the regional map in first loading the map. Guess you already go down to 1/3 the data … user can later always zoom/pan around at will

  1. Not show all the different modules on the map. You already have made categories so use them to create the map
    By default show the hubs since whatever configuration you have, there is always a hub (pin you don’t show today). And make all the pins a selection option … you click on/off what you want to see from there … change the pin data with the link to the station to _blank instead opening in same page. At least your map stays in the original tab if a person wants to hop around, this will in many case prevent from loading the map between each hop.

  2. I guess that you dynamically create the map at each request via a db request … I think this is eating the server ressources. To limit this I would create the 7 basic maps via a cron and store them as cached images (maybe once every 10 minutes seems enough to me) so they can be served on the fly to the user coming to the map (user friendly), I don’t think the number off modules will change that quickly as to need live updates.

Again, as I’m not a coder, not to sure this is possible but as user seeing often maps, they sometimes load way quicker then usual so some caching technique is used. Also depending on server config … (memcache, nginx etc)

Hope this helps you a little in your mind mappig :slight_smile:

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Take a look and see if it loads a wee bit faster.



loads a lot quicker indeed
the maps is almost as fast but the lapse of time to show the pins is really quicker :+1:

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